At Destiny Worship Center we have created a place with your children in mind. Our goal is to partner with you to help your children discover God in a safe and loving environment. We pray each child accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior and begins to develop a deep relationship with Him. Through warm, age appropriate environments, interactive play, and creative teachings of biblical principles, we aim to establish three basic truths:

• God made me.
• God loves me.
• Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Nursery: 6 weeks – 2 years
Preschool: 3 years – 5 years





Check-in is fast and easy! As your family arrives at guest check-in, our Destiny Kids Team will be waiting to welcome you. Here you will complete a family registration card If your child has any allergies, or if there’s anything you think we should know, please tell our Check-in Team at this time for your child’s safety, and so we can provide the best service possible. Once you’ve registered we will give you a family tag for your convenience. Now, you can check-in even faster using your family tag at the Self Check-in area when you come visit us again. Our staff will also provide you a tag for your diaper bag, a name tag for your child, and a corresponding security tag to pick them up after service. We also invite you to come early so you can take advantage of our VIP parking. Check in opens 30 minutes before service so you can enjoy a cup of coffee, before finding your seat. (Once check-in has opened it will remain open until all services for that day have ended.)

Drop Off

For your convenience, the name of your child’s classroom can be found on their name tag and matches the sign found over the classroom door. If you want help finding your way around, our Check-in Team will be happy to walk you to your child’s classroom. Once you arrive, a volunteer will meet you at the door to welcome your child, receive their diaper bag and any other items they may need. Don’t forget to share any special instructions with our volunteer that might help us provide better care for your child. For safety reasons, we respectfully ask that you personally escort your child and ensure our volunteers receive them into their classroom. Note: Does your child have special needs? Click here for more info.

Enjoy The Service

Now, just relax, feel free to grab a coffee, meet new people, and enjoy your worship service. In the case we need to contact you, we will send you a text and then place the security tag number on the screen in your service. As you know, it’s common for little ones to cry when a parent leaves, and that’s because they love their mom and dad. We have caring leaders trained to comfort your child, and lot’s of activities to keep them busy, but because it’s our desire for every child to receive the very best care, if your child cries for an extended period of time (10 minutes) we will contact you. This way you can help comfort your child and return them to us, so you can return to service, and you both can enjoy the rest of your time with us.

What To Bring

You won’t need to bring much as we have already provided snacks (gluten-free Cheerios) and all the fun activities your child needs to enjoy their classroom. You only need to bring the essentials such as a pacifier, bottle or cup, and a bag to hold their things. Please remember to label all your child’s items with their first and last name so you don’t lose anything. (Destiny Kids is peanut free environment. For safety reasons,  please don’t bring anything with nuts.)


When you’re ready to pick up your child, return to their classroom and give your security tag to the volunteer at the door. They will match the security tag with your child’s name tag, and you can go enjoy the rest of your day. Please make sure you have all your child’s belongings before you go and don’t forget your family devotional so you can talk more about what your child learned as family. Lost your security tag? No problem. Just return to guest check-in, show them a valid photo ID (ex: Drivers License), and they will print you a new tag. Please remember that no one under the age of 18 will be permitted to pick up your child.


For more information on Destiny Preschool contact Heather Nowak,